Friday, January 21, 2011

R.I.P Aldo Berti

Italian actor Aldo Berti died shortly after midnight in Florence, Italy
from brain cancer on December 26, 2010.
He was 74. Aldo was born on February 29, 1936 in Florence.
Aldo appeared in over 40 films from 1956's “Time of Vacation” with Vittorio De Sica
until 1972's “Return of the Holy Ghost”.

In 1968, the blockbuster western Once Upon a Time in the West, directed by Sergio Leone, came out in theaters around the world. The cast of the film included Claudia Cardinale, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, and… Aldo Berti.

Aldo Berti was an icon of Essaouira (Morocco).
He was the friend you expected to find when walking on the beach or around Essaouira.

His best friend, the black dog “Negro” was old too. They walked in the same way. The first time I met Aldo some 15 years ago, it was at the river mouth of Oued Ksob and I saw the young Negro was fishing and then Aldo resting in the morning sun at the ruins of the old bridge at Diabet. We liked the same places – the beach, the dunes, the river and the forest, enyoing solitude and natural beauty. He was my first European friend here.

He lived in the medina at Chabanat and on the terace of his house – he had a view all over the town. We had black coffea and played chess in the afternoons and looked at pictures from his life. He learned to use PC for writing poetry and with internet he found old friends in the world. He loved to tell stories about his childhood, about the village where he was born and his film career.

Aldo had an uncompromising character – he knew what he wanted and lived a simple natural life here with a lot of artisitc creativity – his poetry but he was also a painter. Oil paintings he sold time to time when needed.

Some pictures from 2007 in the country side house at Sidi Kaouki

He was happy here.
Aldo leaves a great void in the town of Essaouira and certainly in the hearts of his friends.

More info about Aldo Berti and his films.


  1. Ciao amico mio, mi dicesti che volevi concludere in bellezza, non so se ci sei riuscito ma resterai sempre nei miei ricordi come una tra le persone più belle che ho conosciuto, forse un giorno ci rivedremo e potrò ancora risentire la tua voce calda e simpatica e il tuo spirito acuto e pieno di tenerezza, malgrado la tua maschera da duro cowboy.
    ti voglio bene, dario iosimi (ma per te Bacco)